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HASP key troubleshooting

Easy Trace can operate in three modes.


Program limitations in demo-mode are described on the Demo-mode page. The following message appears when you try to load a project, which falls under these limitations:

The most frequent reasons of program functioning in demo-mode a listed below:

  • protection key is missing;
  • malfunction of the USB-port the key is plugged in to;
  • incorrect installation of the protection key driver (see below);
  • license expiration (see below);

Limited license

The following message appears in this mode when you run the program:

It is intended only for reminding the user to register oneself and receive a permanent license, otherwise the program will start demo-mode after a certain number of working sessions. Until it happens, its functionality is unrestricted.

Full-blown mode

HASP drivers should be installed and the protection key plugged in to the USB port for full-blown functioning of the program. The key looks like that:

A red indicator lights when connection of the key and the USB port is correct:

HASP drivers are usually being installed together with Easy Trace installation. There should be Aladdin HASP key and Aladdin USB key items on the Computer Management -> Devise Manager -> USB Host Controller page if this operation was accomplished successfully:

If one or both items are missing, you may install the driver(s) on your own. Run the  haspdinst.exe utility with –i code. The utility is in the Drivers folder of the Easy Trace installation disk.