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The second release of ET version 9.2 is available for downloading. Its main novelty consists in deep revision of the Search for Lines tracer. There will be further improvements of the tool but the current result is already impressive. Here is a video-example of the tool use. Read about other alterations in the New Features section.

ET 7.99 build 1051 update from 24.10.11 available on our site on Download page. Unlike previous release build 1049 several errors were corrected:

  1. When you open a project prepared in older versions of Easy Trace PRO using the free version ET 7.99 could arise following error - polylines of open source projects could not be properly edited: they were torn, and generally duplicated behave unpredictably. The reason is that the parameter "maximum number of vertices in a polyline" free version, in older versions has another meaning - "Warn about removing polylines with many vertices more than».
    Now, for compatibility between the older and the free version ET 7.99 in the parameter "maximum number of vertices in a polyline" (Project Properties - Polylines) is ignored. Although the setting and not removed from the interface, it is no longer valid.
  2. Fixed bug in exporting SHP - format, which resulted in some unclosed polylines changed the order of the vertices to the opposite.
    ET 7.99.1051 available here >>
P.S. Changes in the program were minimal in nature, therefore, the splash screen does not change the program and direct indication of the number in the program build its shell does not. Learn the build number of your version as follows.

  • in the directory where you installed ET 7.99 point to et.exe file
  • pressing the right button, choose Properties)
  • in the dialog box, select the tab Version
  • the first line in this tab will show the version and build number of program. New program has build 7.99.1051.0

XII Conference of ESRI users in Russia and CIS will take place on December 18-20, 2011. This year it moves from the traditional place to the near-Moscow boarding house “Klyazma”. We are going to take an active part in the event.

The package has gained a lot of new utilities and tools as well as improvements and alterations. For more details see the New Features page.

Download the program

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