New version Easy Trace Pro 9.6 is available for downloading. Read here about alterations and new abilities.

Sales in April

In April 2013, the number of licenses acquireв by ZAO «Ark-on» increased up to 11. The company bought the first license as a sample to try more than one year ago. After effectiveness appraisal, 5 more Easy Trace Pro licenses were bought and another 5 rented.

Note that our company practices leasing of a kind rather than the classic rent. All rental payments are summed, and the package passes into the ownership of the leaser as soon as the sum comes up to the software cost.

You may for example rent 12 licenses for 1 month and become an owner of one full-blown package after the rent is paid and the rest 11 protection keys are returned to Easy Trace Group.   

CUDA in Easy Trace

Hardware acceleration based on the nVidia CUDA technology may be used in Easy Trace Pro now. Currently, it supports raster operations (Diffusion, Unsharp Mask, Contrast Enhancement, Resampling, Subject Layer Extraction), which become from 3 to 50 times quicker, depending on  what specifically you do and your computer configuration. CUDA-supporting version of Easy Trace is already available for downloading from the Easy Trace eXtreme section, and official release is expected soon. Keep up with the news!

On April 8-10, 2013, of-site training session «Vectorizing of cartographic materials by means of Easy Trace software package» was organized in Saint-Petersburg for employees of “Sevzaplesproekt” – a subsidiary of  FGUP “Roslesinforg”. Together with training, the firm bought 6 Easy Trace Pro licenses.

Earlier, in autumn 2012, a similar session took place in Novosibirsk for “Zapsiblesproekt” – another subsidiary of  FGUP “Roslesinforg”.

Easy Trace Pro in 2013

State Land Cadastre Center (Kiev, Ukraine) bought additionally 15 Easy Trace Pro licenses in January 2013. The Center started with free ET 7.99, then bought 10 new licenses and sent two specialists for training.

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