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Point objects

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Point objects writing and attribution is a tedious process, usually performed manually. However, this process can be greatly accelerated. As usual with the "divide and conquer" method.

Input of point objects and their attributes is a rather tiresome usually manual process. But we can accelerate it greatly. At that, "divide and conquer" will be our approach as always

Step 1. Raw data preparing.

Input of points strictly in objects' centers without any classification and attributive data input.

  • Make the screen scale sufficient for reliable detection of point objects but insufficient for input.
  • Specify this scale in parameters of the Inspector Tool (Edit -> Inspector -> Setup) and start the review.
  • Select the Point Tool and specify Zoom 4 in the tool's Parameter Bar. We shall attribute all points to the layer that contains majority of point objects.
  • Select the first area (screen) of the Inspector, click the first point object but DO NOT RELEASE mouse button. It will cause zoom-in by a factor of 4 (specified in the Zoom field). Place the cursor in the center exactly and RELEASE the button.
  • Proceed with all point objects within the current screen.
  • Proceed to the next screen, etc.

Step 2. Layer distribution of objects.

Input of object type and additional attributive data.

  • Select all the points with the Group Editor and make them Marked.
  • Switch off all vector layers but ones that should contain the objects we have input. For example, only the Elevation Marks, Geodetic Stations, and Point Hydrography (water edge elevation marks) remain switched on at relief vectorizing.
  • Select the "Marked Objects Indication" and the "Thematic Displaying" View Modes.
  • Zoom in and push the «F» key - the first object is in front of you.
  • If it should be attributed to another layer, push the «S» key for cyclic change of the current layer.
  • Push «F2» and input object's attributes. You may apply the Generate Inscriptions utility for attributes with variable values (elevations, names, etc.). Text inscriptions above ones in the image are very convenient for data input control.
  • Push «F» again and process the next object, etc.
Users of old versions are recommended to input points on the auxiliary layer _ERRORS_ . Further operations are the same but you will have to push the «S» key once at least for every object.

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